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  • Version: 3.2

Take screen captures quickly and easily

Stop looking for a good screen capture tool - the Screenshot Plus Widget is all you need. This mini application will let you quickly take any sort of screenshot of your screen.

Screenshot Plus Widget hasn't left my Mac since the first time I've installed it, even though I've tried quite a few screen capture tools. It may not look as exciting as other programs yet it provides just what you need. Screenshot Plus Widget can take full screenshots, selections, timed screens and grab pictures of widgets.

If you flip Screenshot Plus Widget you can select the output format of your image from png, tiff, jpg, pdf, or gif, making it adaptable to your own needs.

Screenshot Plus Widget can take a bit of time to load up at start up, but that normally happens with most widgets. I have also had times when it didn't manage to grab a certain image, when making a selection. In this case I've resorted to using the timed screen, which always works.

Screenshot Plus Widget is a no fuss screen capture widget for Mac. Highly recommended.

Stability and timing improvements


  • Stability and timing improvements


  • Many screen capture types
  • Grabs widgets
  • Multiple formats


  • Takes a bit of time to load at start up


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Screenshot Plus Widget


Screenshot Plus Widget 3.2 for Mac


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